Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness No Pull Walking 

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Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness No Pull Walking

172 reviews for Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness No Pull Walking 

  1. MommyM

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great quality!

    I love the harnesses!! Works well with my puppy!!

  2. Marsha C. Baxter

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    All of my dogs wear this harness except one, LUCY

    I have bought two for Lucy . She chews thru the clamps and I don’t know how… I have the harness on her snugly, but she chews right thru the clamps at the neck and chest… I am open to suggestions. I need to order another.

  3. so happy

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to put on

    I bought this for my new puppy and put it on him the day we picked him up from the breeder. I keep it on him 24/7 since we take multiple trips outside each day while potty training. He really doesn’t even notice it.Being that he’s growing like a weed I decided to purchase a larger harness so I would have it on hand when he outgrew his current one.I decided to try a different style of harness that looks sturdy and has great reviews.My puppy hated the type of harness with a breastplate that I bought to replace this particular harness.So the replacement harness goes to Goodwill and I have ordered the next size larger version of this harness.

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  4. Emma

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product! Great customer service!

    *EDIT* I received the new harness (size x-small) today in the mail and immediately tried it on my dog. IT IS PERFECT. There is no chafing, no weird tight/loose spots, it is sturdy, and the hooks are the appropriate size for the size of the harness (some other companies use the same large hardware for all sizes and it can be awkward and bulky). There was an ice thaw this week, so I was able to test it out on a walk and I could not be happier with the result. My dog had gotten so used to uncomfortable chafing and pressure from his old t harness that he had started resisting every time I mentioned the word “walk”. Today’s walk was completely different. He let me fasten the harness without wiggling away and he was playing/running around the house with it on before I could get my shoes on. He had no chafing or pinching, and he seemed to enjoy wearing it (or he barely noticed it was there—which is basically the same good kind of thing). The walk was great. He kept moving and didn’t pull or try to get out of it. I’m so happy with this product!*ORIGINAL REVIEW*I ordered a small harness for my 3y/o mini dachshund, with the hope that the design of this product wouldn’t chafe his underarms like most t harnesses. After receiving the harness in the mail (VERY quick shipping) I realized that it was slightly too big and I’d need to send it back—although the overall design fits exactly like I had hoped and will leave enough space for his legs. I sent an e-mail, inquiring if/how I could exchange the harness for a smaller size, and was answered within an hour. I was told that I would be receiving a new harness in the appropriate size, free of charge, and that their only request was that I pass the other harness on to a pup in need. Can’t wait until the snow melts so I can test the harness out on a long walk!

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  5. Dana R.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Bought one and decided to get another for our second dog

    We bought one harness and it fits perfect. We decided to get another one and it was a little too big. Our other pup is in between sizes and they made it really easy to get a different size. Responsive and customer focused!

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  6. Mary TrotterMary Trotter

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Three years, still going strong!

    We’re an outdoor family that takes our dog with us everywhere. From the Colorado mountains to the Shenandoah valley to the Atlantic coast, we are outdoors with our dog every week and weekend, and if she’s outdoors, she’s wearing the Copatchy Harness.Our last Copatchy Harness lasted three years, and the only reason I had to get a new one is that I lost the old one. For reference as to how well this harness holds up, the first picture is right after we first bought it three years ago for a trip and the second picture is the last picture I took with her in it before I lost it last month.I can’t sing this harness’ praises enough. There have been several times that she’s gotten a little too adventurous and we were able to extract her from truly dangerous situations using the hand strap. Two instances come to mind – she was viciously attacked by another dog at the park and we were able to quickly and safely lift her out of the situation via the hand strap, and the second time she almost got sucked out to sea and we were able to yank her out of the flow thanks to some quick reflexes by a family member and the availability of the strap.If you’re going to buy your dog a harness, especially if it’s a medium or small sized dog, this one is the one to get.

  7. Diane O’Brien

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quality product

    This is a great little harness, far superior quality for the price in comparison to what I’ve bought at the local big box store.I requested an exchange because I purchased a size to big. Best part, vendor wants me to donate the wrong sized one and they will replace with an extra small. No hassle return! For that alone I will purchase from them again.

  8. Javier

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth it as a starter harness

    Bought this when my puppy was between 2 and 3 months. At 6 months, now that he’s grown, the clip opens up when playing with other dogs. But since it was used as a starter harness, it was an awesome purchase and the price was great too. The two clips made it easy to put on and off. Really lightweight, breatheable, washed it in the machine, and the handle come in handy often.It’s not really a no pull harness, it’s just a harness. While my dog did pull on it, it did not open up during the 4-5 months he’s had it. Now that he’s 6 months, when he still pulls, it doesn’t open up.One thing I didn’t like, was that he was able to back up against the leash and it would almost come off that way, but his collar stopped it from coming off. then it’s just a simple sliding it back down to the correct position. Overall, great purchase. Would definitely buy again for a next puppy.

  9. M

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product and even better customer service

    I have four wee ones, and bought four harnesses. They arrived promptly, but unfortunately were too big. Jared at Copatchy was marvelous in helping to resolve this problem. He sent me the right sizes and even allowed me to donate the wrong sized ones to my local shelter. These harnesses are well made, much easier to put on versus others I have had in the past where the dogs have to step into them, and I love that it has a small handle on top to quick grab the dog. I would definitely recommend these and will buy again in the future.

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  10. Julianne KaufmannJulianne Kaufmann

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good buy

    Good harness, has been working great for my puppy. He has lots of room to grow into it and the handle on the back comes in handy while he’s so young. He wears it most of the day and never tries to get it off or struggle when we put it on. Will buy another when he grows out of this one.

  11. elsa c mezaelsa c meza

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It looks comfortable on the dogs and they can keep it on all day. It’s sturdy, washable & adjusts.

    It’s durable and sturdy. Easy to put on and remove. It washes well and fits great on my dogs.

  12. B. Dirk

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Puppy harness

    Fits well and super cute !

  13. Jersey Girl

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This thing is great!

    Sadly my puppy grew out of it super fast, but my second dog that I rescued a few months later is full grown and JUST fits in it! I love the seat belt connector. I just click it into the rear seatbelt and I know the dog is secure in the back seat with enough give to get on and off the back seat, and nuzzle me, but can’t distract me while I’m driving and kill us all.

  14. Nour Hartman

    Good material

  15. Billy & NayBilly & Nay

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this harness!! Even better than expected!!

    I wish I’d found this harness sooner!! It instantly improved the quality of our 16-yr-old shih tzu’s walks. It’s also super effective for our 8-yr-old shih tzu/terrier mix. If you’re on the fence about this item, you should go ahead & get it!! Here are some details I hope will assure you.Size: I can only speak to the SMALL; however, the range provided in the item description seems to be an accurate estimate that errs on the conservative side. I say this bc I’ve found it can be adjusted to fit a little smaller & larger than expected. I ordered a Small bc my guy has a big chest (19″), and it fits perfectly even though he’s  technically an XS in neck size (12.5″) & weight (14#). That being said, I do have the front neck-area portion adjusted to smallest setting for him.My other dog is on the opposite side of the small spectrum, but this harness works great for her as well, & I just ordered her one of her own. She meets small measurements in neck (15″) & weight (22#), but her chest (23″) is bigger than the suggested max of 22″ for the small. Still, the small fits her comfortably with a little room to spare (maybe 3/4″-1″ left in adjustment) even in the chest area.Materials/construction: The plastic clips are lightweight but are easy to latch/unlatch & stay secure. The material is very breathable & mesh-like, so it won’t be too hot when it gets warmer out. The handle on top lays flat, so it isn’t obstructive or annoying but seems easy to grab if needed.Design: I can’t overstate the brilliance & effectiveness of the harness’ design. It isn’t complicated or overbearing for the owner or the dog. It’s simple, and it works. I’ve tried several other harnesses & slings over the years, but they all brought more frustration to either me (in getting them on & off) or my dogs (who both hate wearing anything other than a simple collar) that always seemed to outweigh their benefits. This harness even seems less bulky than others with the same design concept, but it’s still very effective. Our very picky dogs don’t even seem to notice they’re wearing more than a regular collar.I love that this harness is secured around the sternum & under the chest, instead of through the front legs. It latches just far enough back on their chest/torso area that it doesn’t seem to cause excessive matting/rubbing from the friction of their front legs. There’s also minimal material on their chests, so I don’t have to worry about the harness causing them to overheat.WHY I REALLY LOVE IT: I decided to try this harness bc I needed something for our older dog. He’s nearly blind & has a pretty significant neurological deficit in his hind legs (has had back surgery & multiple myeloma), yet he still LOVES/lives for our nightly walks. Often he gets caught up in the momentum & will even do a hard turn down the middle of our street to prolong his walks & run down the big hill in our neighborhood an extra time. It does my heart good to see him enjoying himself so much. However, because he can’t really see & can’t fully control his hind legs, he tends to run all over the place & will inevitably run full speed into the curb unless I intervene. No matter how gently or incrementally I’d tug at his leash with a standard collar, I tended to throw him off balance in my efforts to guide him on his joy runs. I also tried a step-in harness & a sling, which have their benefits, but they restricted his movement & his overall enjoyment.This harness is the perfect solution for us. It disperses the pressure of my guiding tugs effectively, across his chest & upper torso instead of just his neck. He is able to keep his balance while I easily guide him away from obstacles. I can’t express how much this harness has made walks better for both of us.It’s also been great for our other dog, who benefits in an entirely different way. She’s part terrier & can’t help but try to chase &/or engage everything she sees. Before we tried this harness, she’d choke herself (usually lunging multiple times in a row at something as we pass) at some point on every walk. I wasn’t surprised this harness successfully prevents choking when she pulls- that’s what it’s supposed to do. HOWEVER, amazingly, it does something else that I wasn’t expecting at all!! Somehow, this harness seems to actually help me shift her focus away from the distraction & keep her moving forward. Before I tried the harness, she’d pull continually, turning sideways, backwards, etc. to maintain contact with the distractions. However, with the harness, I only have to tug once or twice AT MOST before she continues on with our walks undeterred. It’s like she’s a different dog! I’m truly amazed by how much better she responds to my guidance with this harness. I just love it! I hope you & your dogs will, too!

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  16. Ted Basye

    Good material, adjustable fits a dog up to 8 kg, brings safety clasp button, reflective tape

  17. Jennifer Dean

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great quality

    Bought this for my new puppy, love how the clips lock in place! Will purchase bigger sizes as puppy grow!

  18. samedin23

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Extremely satisfied with my purchase.

    I love this harness. Very easy to put on and I love the handle attached the harness. My puppy 4 month old loves it too. And its adjustable he was 12lbs. When I bought it and now hes over 20 lbs. I also got my friend from work to buy one to. And it came with an extra leash. Definitely recommend this product.

  19. Bob R

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Qualit and price.

    good quality. Small than I thought from picture. Like adjustable for puppy growth.

  20. Vicki Painter

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy on

    This harness is easy to put on and works well.

  21. Tom

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great value!

    This harness is a great value. Well-made and easy to use. Just adjust the two straps for your initial fitting and you’re good to go. We re-ordered after a year as we wanted a fresh harness and our Lab had put on a few pounds. However, it has sustained virtually no wear and we use it every day. Note that this is not a heavy duty extra secure harness for an aggressive dog as there is no chest plate in the design and it will shift slightly in either lateral direction but this movement is minimal and can likely be eliminated if you want to really snug up the straps. Also be aware that, as is the case with harnesses of this design, it can slip off from the dog’s head if you strenuously pull the leash forward.All in all, a great harness at a great price or we would not have re-ordered another one. Also, Copatchy customer service is terrific. They will gladly relace the harness if the fit is not right.

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  22. John

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product, price and service after the sale.

    This is our second purchase of this brand. When we were getting a new Blue Healer puppy, I bought the small harness mostly because of the price. I was very impressed with how easy it is to get on (slip over the head and clip under the belly). Our little boy grew out of the small so I immediately found the same brand to get a larger size. Based on the sizing information I ordered a large. However this was too big (neck size did not get as small as noted in description). I emailed Copatchy customer service – they responded within a day and offered to replace the large with a medium. I received the medium within a week and it fits perfectly (with room to grow). If/when I need to replace this, I will come right back to the Copatchy to buy another.The harness fits well and makes it very easy to control a dog that wants to run, heard and just generally be off leash. Our baby is not a fan of cars and trucks. Sometimes he gets so scared that he tries to get away by slipping his collar. There is no worry with this harness, he can stay safely in hardness and on leash. Most of the time, I can control him with a finger or two.Note the small and medium use regular clips. The large one (at the least one we received) had an extra button to push before you could release the clip. At first I thought it was a bit annoying to use, but recognizing that it is for large dogs, it is nice to know that there is added security to keep the harness on.

  23. judy hux

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Dog Harness

    I have a pug, and she seems to get her head out of all of this one seems to be working better

  24. J. Schorr

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great harness for my dog!

    This dog harness is easy to use and slips comfortably over my dog’s head. My dog is a Wheaton Terrier and I’ve had difficulty finding a suitable harness for him. It is easy to use and adjust and is well worth the price.

    One person found this helpful

  25. Marcus Wynn

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Light weight and durable

    This harness is easy to use especially when you are dog needs to go out quickly. My dog’s other harness is hard to adjust due to the design so once I let out the straps to fit his winter coat, it is hard to adjust it back for just a normal walk without his coat. I like this harness because I can just simply clip it on and go. I also like the handle on top if I decide to keep my dog close. The mesh design also makes it breathable. I look forward to seeing how my dog adjust to it in the summer months.

    One person found this helpful

  26. Gage Edmonds

    It is super easy to put on since it has openings on both sides, both up and down, and safety lock. Size also goes perfect

  27. Desiree

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Lab Mix Puppy

    This product worked really well for my lab puppy. It was perfect for his size at 10 weeks old

  28. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Stellar Customer Service along with a great harness for my dog

    I ordered a small red harness for my 19 lb terrier. As it turns out, the small was too large for her. I contacted the seller and was put in contact with Jared. Jared offered to replace the harness with an XS with the agreement I donate the “too large” harness to a local shelter or rescue. The harness is sturdy, well made, comfortable. The Small on my dog was a bit too large around the neck and chest, probably my mistake in measuring her. I appreciate the prompt reply to my request, replacement article and stellar customer service and product. I will order again from Copatchy! Thank you Jared!

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  29. # 1 Nanna

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Harness

    I have a mini poodle that can’t fit a xxs harness but xs is too big. I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying out different brands and this Copatchy fits the best. It’s not perfect even on the lowest adjustment it’s a little loose but doable. I have been using it for about a year and I’d say it’s durable. It hasn’t stretched or broken and my dog pulls a lot. He hasn’t walked out of it or been able to chew it while wearing it. It’s easy on and off and seems comfortable. The harness has a handle attached on the back and is cute. I’ve received compliments and inquiries from the groomer and others. It’s also machine washable, just let it air dry. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

    8 people found this helpful

  30. Shaw LuShaw Lu

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Pure Happiness

    Size: I bought an S size for my 10-week old golden retriever pup. It is adjustable and so far I am using the tightest fit for him.Comfort: He sometimes scratches the harness but can forget about its existence when walking around the grass.Appearance: looks very clean and comfy, like batman suit.

    32 people found this helpful

  31. Speranzio Bartolone

    Cupuvav for the Labrador (5 misatsiv, 23 kg) upper m’yak part of the spinsky, ale from a friend the harness of the Troha dovsha, it is not easy. Tse not a minus, a dog of shvidko growth and for 1-2 times will be yakraz. Daughter

  32. JalineJaline

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So far, so good!

    I bought this for my skittish rescue dog who comes scarily close to being able to back out of even a Martingale collar when she is afraid/stubborn…mostly if we need to walk into the vet office.So far, I’ve had no issues introducing the harness/putting it on her. She seems comfortable in it. I left her in it for a bit. The next day I let her out with it on to run around in it for a while. It’s not restrictive at all. The the next day I attached the leash to walk her with it. After a test run, I’m sure she won’t be able to back out of this harness.We bought the pink. It’s a pretty, light pink. It’s not bright or reflective, so it’s not all you need for a night walk. I really like that the clips have an extra little button. You have to click that button, then push the sides of the clip to release (see close-up pic of clip). It means that the clips won’t just break away on their own. It also has a nice handle on top in case you need to grab or hold onto your pup.I’m guessing it will be great for dogs who pull too. My girl doesn’t pull…she walks great on a leash…unless we’re going to the vet, then her go to move is to back out of the collar and make a run for it.I’ll probably only need this once or twice a year, but it was still well worth the money for us!

    10 people found this helpful

  33. Alexia VegaAlexia Vega

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Puppy proof, very sturdy product

    I got the XS for my puppy and it was so easy to put it on & take it off! The leash is short but I think it’s perfect for train walking and generally keeping him close & away from stuff he shouldn’t get into! 🙂 he bites on the leash a lot but it’s been holding on really well despite the bites and holes he’s put into it! He pulls so much so I also love that it doesn’t choke him like a regular leash wouldHe’s reaching a little over 20 pounds now so I’m planning to order a bigger size before he can’t fit in it anymore. Great product in my opinion, would buy again for any dogUpdate: ended up buying a bigger size, he outgrew the original pretty quick! He isss older so he bit through the leash and ripped it up 🙁 he also gnawed on the harness buttons which ended up making the buttons not work at all anymore, rendering harness useless. Still a great first harness for pups, honestly wouldn’t buy for a teething dog but I’d buy again for a pup or older dog

    6 people found this helpful

  34. Carolyn S.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    What I was looking for and exceptional customer service

    I love this harness. However I ordered a small for my 8 month Shishon who still had all his baby hair and I didn’t get a good measurement and it is way too big after having him groomed! I missed the Amazon return deadline but Copatchy reached out to me and sending free of charge an extra small harness and per their request I am donating the small to a nearby shelter. What superb customer service! This harness is so much easier to put on him and no Velcro to catch on his hair!

    One person found this helpful

  35. susan w.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very well thought of construction with safety in mind

    This harness is probably one of the easier harnesses to get on my dog and seems comfortable to her. I love the fact that it has no Velcro and the one I have now has hair all stuck in it and cannot be cleaned out. The 2 clips are very secure and once it is adjusted to fit, it is very easy to have her just walk into. The handle on top is especially important to me, as my dog gets excited and does pull a lot and at times, I need to quickly lift her up.The customer service for Copatchy is superb. I had a question about the size and just emailed them and I received a personal email back quickly with the help that I needed.Don’t hesitate to purchase this item, you won’t be disappointed. There has been a lot of thought in the secure construction of this harness.

    5 people found this helpful

  36. Debbie Tanner

    Thank you, everything ok.

  37. BB

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect hardness for my fur babies!

    I like that the XS ones comes with an expansion piece that you can either use to expand the hardness (as your dog gets “fuller” or not use it.) a win-win!I have 3 dogs plus my mother-in-law has a small dog. All 4 dogs use the appropriate size hardness and it fits them great. I have spent a lot of money trying to find the one that fits under their legs and for me slip-free when fitted just right. This one checked all the boxes for us.Also, this company will work with you if you feel you are getting the right size but then realize you wish you had gotten a bigger or small one. They work with you.Great customer service and are quick to respond as well.What more could you ask for more! Great service and I feel they have a great product too!Thank you!

    5 people found this helpful

  38. Coleen Dragon

    Perfect for my old Jack Russel of 8 kgs. In accordance with the description.

  39. Takako Ream

    excellent the fit is perfect and have ordered more.

  40. Lorean Soni

    Excellent Product arrived super fast as described 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Arrived ahead of time, very well packed execlent salesperson recommended for purchases in the future

  41. Nicole Wren

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great quality and accurate color

    The quality of the no-pull harness is great and the color green I received was as pictured. I recommend measuring your pet before ordering, I ordered too small but the response and ability to replace my item with a better size was prompt and kind. With instruction from the owner I was able to donate my too small collar to our local shelter, this gesture meant a lot to me! Thank you

    One person found this helpful

  42. l barrett

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great harness!

    Bought XXS and XS. Hard to find a GOOD small enough harness, these are perfect! Finally he grew into the XS. They are adjustable, and they have additional extender pieces with a clip.

  43. Alfredo Lamanna

    I arrive in 10 days to slp Mexico. It is the 2nd I ask for and they are for huskys they pull a lot and it has worked very well!!!!

  44. Priscella

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Would 10/10 recommend!

    I got this for my husky puppy at the age of 4 months and he fits in this till this day it’s just a bit tight so going up a size now that he is 6 months old and weighs 45 pounds. It’s really good for him because he still doesn’t know how to walk on a leash so he pulls a lot and I know I’m not like hurting him or anything. One issue is if you put it to loose, your dog can slip out so make sure it’s tight enough to we’re it doesn’t hurt your dog but enough so they can’t back out of it. Overall I love this harness and will probably continue to buy it as my husky grows!

  45. Graham Rankin

    Coat rack the same as the picture, beautiful color, I highly recommend it, it came to me in 2 exact weeks and it becomes very big, my dog is a hasky cross with doberman and weighs 17 kilos so I had to make the lanyards coat big and it was very good

  46. DerbyDudeDon

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Great harness. Easier to control your dog when walking. The red color helps at night walking.

  47. Tony39620

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect Fit

    My pup is about 9 lbs, perfect fit for small dog.

  48. Diedra Spath

    Is perfect
    Looks great
    It’s a beagle and coji a XS
    Size and weight fit perfectly

  49. k

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    medium for 28 lbs dog

    Got medium for a 28lbs dog – fits great (with plenty of room to allow him to gain weight) and works well. My dog’s measurements: chest 26 inches and neck 18 inches. No problems

    2 people found this helpful

  50. Victoria

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Harness

    Great harness. Bought a size too big but it works great. Being adjustable is so helpful for my growing dog!

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