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This Personalized Custom Leather Collar is a high-quality and customizable accessory suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. The collar is made of leather with a padded interior, providing durability and comfort for your pet.

You can choose from five vibrant colors: blue, purple, pink, green, and coffee. This allows you to select a color that suits your pet’s style and personality.

The collar features a durable D-ring that can be attached to a dog leash, providing a secure connection during walks or outdoor activities. It also includes a stainless steel nameplate where your pet’s name and phone number can be engraved. The engraving is done using a laser machine, ensuring precision and durability. The seller has the capacity to engrave hundreds of these collars per day.

The collar has five holes for adjustment, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your dog’s neck size. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of dog breeds, from small ones like Poodles and Pugs to larger breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and Bulldogs.

When placing your order, you have the option to enter your pet’s information during the checkout process or send a message to the seller. It’s important to leave a message specifying the information you want engraved on the collar, such as your pet’s name and contact number. The seller can accommodate different languages for engraving, including English, Russian, and others.

As a sample, the provided information is “COCO” as the pet’s name and “07922 350625” as the phone number. You can customize this information to suit your own preferences.

Please note that it’s crucial to leave a message about the information you need for engraving to ensure accurate customization of your pet’s collar.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact us.

88 reviews for Personalized Leather w/ ID Tags Dog Collars

  1. Speranzio Bartolone

    Good seller! I have too small ordered.
    I had accidentally S ordered but it had eigelijk M should be. Sorry it is too small!

  2. Vladimiro De Angelo

    It is too big because it dint let me choose the correct size but I can make new holes in it with a hole puncher made for belts so that is no problem, good quality and good engraving and came quite quick

  3. Niam Mullins

    Always very well c my 3iemes

  4. Verline Cordon

    Super quality I recommend to 100%

  5. Rudolf Kirsch

    Great quality, I definitely recommend it

  6. Finn Junkermann

    The collar is of good quality, the delivery is fast

  7. Alfonso Villapol

    Received in advance. Very beautiful quality product. Thank you very much. Thank you. I recommend this seller.

  8. Eleri Barnes

    Beautiful product beautiful engraving on plate

  9. Alfredo Lamanna

    The necklers are beautiful, the reception at was faster than expected. The quality looks great… In short not disappointed at all, I highly recommend.

  10. Alfredo Lamanna

    The necklers are beautiful, the reception at was faster than expected. The quality looks great… In short not disappointed at all, I highly recommend.

  11. Xose Mendez

    Excellent material, this very cute, I loved it

  12. Durante Sciara

    Very good quality and resistant. Has arrived very quickly. Highly recommended

  13. Niam Mullins

    High-quality, only the inscription on the tag is a bad color, it stands out badly.

  14. Ira Forster

    Compliant article. Fast sending I recommend this seller! TopThank you!

  15. Néo Lortie

    It’s very long, but otherwise it’s amazing. The width is perfect and the material with which it is made has an impressive hardness. I have been amazed.

  16. Armaan Ellison

    A bit small for my puppy maybe she grew in the time I ordered

  17. Emma Carra

    The collar has a very good quality and is very high quality. The lettering is correct and the delivery went very quickly. Price performance is top. 100% recommended! My four-legged friend and I are thrilled.

  18. Émeric Figuier


  19. Aliya Fernandez

    Too fan, the quality is superb.

  20. Lelah Pelosi

    Beautiful, noble color, readable Schild.
    But: very thin coating, the dog immediately peeled with his paw

  21. Major Woodrum

    High Quality’s collar, great Material.
    looks like something that will survive for long! thanks

  22. Vladimiro De Angelo

    Look great, also fit exactly as stated on the size chart

  23. Bonnie Montes

    Delivery is super fast. Communication with the seller excellent! The necklace is very nice, the engraved name is not appreciated much maybe it is a little dark the foil, if they put it lighter it would be perfect! But everything else excellent! Looks very good quality

  24. Aasiyah Haney

    Perfect, beautiful necklace. Fast sending

  25. Franchesca Schwebach

    Very happy recommends really beautiful and nickel gravure

  26. Émeric Figuier

    Lovely collar I ordered the wrong size but lovely leather

  27. Lanie Edwin

    The collar is very good, the engraving is neat

  28. Major Woodrum

    Second time I order and always perfect
    I recommend

  29. Lanie Edwin

    Impressive necklace, fast shipping, good quality, very good purchase.

  30. Korey Wu

    Same as photo, arrived 1 week before

  31. Liberatore Accordino

    high quality

  32. Craig Piro

    Very good quality collar, reliable, beautiful. The only remark that can be made is that the address is not engraved and drawn, it may be quickly erased, since the dog often rushes through the bushes. And of course I’m happy with all the 100

  33. Ira Forster

    Normal collar. The only thing that did not quite like, the inscription is poorly readable due to the unsuccessful layout and extra flowers.

  34. Rosalie Robertson

    Everything as described. Delivery was quick and was well packaged. Here I like to order again.

  35. Rosalie Robertson

    Everything as described. Delivery was quick and was well packaged. Here I like to order again.

  36. Lluciano Marcos

    really good finish and quality!

  37. Lorean Soni

    Super happy, the useful comments for the size to choose (for a 7 month labrador size Xl and the necklace corresponds to the first point)

  38. Clarita Pursell

    Very good quality. But on the puppy Beagle 4 months turned out to be big, although I looked at the reviews that the Beagle went well. Well, then it will be for the future.

  39. Rosalie Robertson

    I order the second time everything perfectly the previous one has served more than two years

  40. Andrea Xiong

    The collar is beautiful, good skin. There are many fractures from the inside, I would like a softer material. To the size it would be good to indicate the circumference of the dog’s neck, otherwise it is difficult to navigate

  41. Bonnie Montes

    It was just right, that is beautiful, good quality

  42. Dastan Nurbolatev

    I recommend everything OK premium quality!

  43. Liberatore Accordino

    Nice collar

  44. Branda Goshorn

    The necklers are beautiful, the reception at was faster than expected. The quality looks great… In short not disappointed at all, I highly recommend.

  45. Jamel ben mabrouk

    Great, I’m going to repeat with more colors.

  46. Mahi Reid

    After an error, everything settled with the seller, very serious and very correct.
    I am very satisfied

  47. Ira Forster

    Collar quality excellent, good material, excellent quality new arrival fast. Thanks to the seller

  48. Micael Montes

    Very good necklace, quality materials and very nice design, I recommend it

  49. Moriya Masanobu


  50. Moriya Masanobu


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